Hetech Trend Engineering Ltd. was established in 1998 and for today became one of the leader company engaged on the field of grain storage (metal siloplants, horizontal storage systems); designing and erection of grain dryers and cleaners as complete technologic system. All phases of the work are supported by CAD system providing quick arrangement, high level design and execution. Our company has performed more than 250 projects meaning nearly 1,000,000 ton storage capacity during the last thirteen years in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries.


As engineers we have collected several decade's experience on the field of grain storage technology. Our suppliers are Symaga S. A (Spain), Westeel (USA), Frame (Italy).


Our company Hetech Trend Ltd. got started with the erection of drying plants in December 2006 in the Middle-European region. At the end of 2008 there have been more than 800 drying plant operating all over the world, manufactured by Ingenieria Mega S.A. of Argentina and 60 of them was operating in Europe.

During the last years our company implemented more than 40 drying plants insisting on to our main target to manufacture and sell not only single machines but to create complete technologic systems.

An important fact has to be emphasized: the H-TECH continuous cereal dryer family is included in the machine catalogue of MVH (Agricultural and Rural Development Agency) with the highest modernity index (3).


As a result of our high level achievement and in response to the challenge of the market demands Hetech Trend Ltd. has accomplished several development projects in its own production facility: building of new production hall, purchasing several CNC plate processing and other production machines and the relevant increase of the staff number. In the years past we went on with obtaining market shares in the foreign countries and also we had successes in the domestic market with designing and erection of dryer plants. The products manufactured and sold by our company meet the relevant rules and standards of the European Union.


The permanent immaculate quality and developments of the products services provided by our company and the increase of the consumer satisfaction is guaranteed by MSZ EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance System and Factory Master manufacturing software and MRP system.